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Petro Rigs offers several options for your company to grow. We can help you minimize costs, lower risks, and maximize your returns. 

PROCUREMENT SERVICES: Finding the Rigs and Equipment you need, when you need it! We only deal with Drilling Companies, Major Suppliers, and Major Manufactures. We have an international client base of actual Equipment Owners. Chances are, we have the rigs and equipment you need in our inventory....if we don't, we have the knowledge and resources to find it. Complete Drilling Rigs ranging from 500hp to 4000hp, and Major Components (Top Drives, BOP's, Mud Pumps, CAT engines and Gen Sets, and much much more. Let us find the equipment you need, let us show you a better price and better product options.

STAFFING SERVICES: Petro Rigs has established relationships to offer you the best drilling personnel you can find. Drilling Supervisors, Tool Pushers, Mechanics, Electricians, etc. Our staffing services can offer Senior Level staff to an entire rig crew. Pre-screened for medical, visa entry, and Country-Specific-Language-Speaking based on the regions around the world you will be working.

SMART MARKETING: Every drilling company reaches a point where they have an excess of rigs and components. We can help you sell that equipment smarter and faster. Petro Rigs has established an International Network of Buyers...we've accomplished this through Smart Marketing practices. It does you little good to spend money posting your equipment on dozens of sites, if in return all you get is lookers, we can deliver Buyers. Without Smart Marketing you can find your company in a difficult position of dealing with multiple brokers, THE BROKER STACK, where your equipment is priced completely out of the market, and even damaging your company's reputation. By utilizing Petro Rigs Smart Marketing, we can get your Company and or products in front of the right people, targeting where you want to sell, and who you want looking at it. We have a social network of over 125,000+ Drilling Industry Professionals, we can target your product or company to those individuals to make sure you are reaching the right buyers and at the right time.

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Tell us how we can help your business. Just use the form below and let us know if you need to find a drilling rig or a component (Procurement), or if you need additional personnel to staff your rigs (Staffing), or if you need to market your rigs and equipment you need sold (Smart Marketing). We'll work hard to help your business in any of these areas.


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