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The #1 Marketplace for Drilling & Oilfield Industry Professionals! is an Online Marketplace to Buy & Sell Drilling and Oilfield Equipment. Built Exclusively for Industry Professionals!
Quality Equipment, Fairly Priced…CONNECTED TO…Qualified Buyers!

We Know the Industry!

The Petro Rigs Team has decades of oil and gas experience. From our modest beginnings with drilling and producing oil and natural gas wells in the late 1980’s, to buying and selling equipment on a global scale…we have the experience and first-hand knowledge of the petroleum industry and drilling operations. We know our Industry very well!
We’ve Bought and Sold Equipment around the World, with transactions in North America, throughout Latin America, Europe, The Middle East, Asia, and Africa! We understand how difficult it can be finding quality equipment, and we fully understand how frustrating it can be finding Qualified Buyers….We decided to build a Better Platform for Buying & Selling Equipment…we built our new platform from the ground-up, incorporating our years of experience and bringing aboard the best ‘technology-nerds’ money could buy. Our platform is Exclusive for Buyers & Sellers that are actively engaged within our Industry. No More Tire-Kickers, No More Multi-Broker Deals, No More Wasted Time. Our platform on connecting Buyers and Sellers is unique in the Market, only offering Quality Equipment from Reputable Companies, and only connecting those needing to sell that equipment to Qualified Buyers with the means to Purchase. If it sounds different, it is, you won’t find a platform out there like ours. We Built it for You, Actual People in the Industry. Our A.I. technology and user-input ensures that our platform gets better and better over time, weeding out bad equipment and eliminating those bogus requests from multiple brokers. Are You Excited Yet? You Should Be, especially if you want to Sell more Equipment, want to Sell it Faster, and if you want to Buy Quality Equipment from Reputable Companies. We Pre-Screen every user on our site to help ensure that’s exactly what you get!

If you have a good reputation and quality equipment for sale, We want to Help you Get it Sold!

  1. Start using our Platform Now! You can begin by Registering on our site to take full advantage of all of our sites features: Register
  2. Or, if you prefer, you can send us the Equipment you need to sell using our Web-form, simply tell us about your equipment, upload photos and specs, and we’ll List it for you: Selling Your Equipment

Why Choose Petro Rigs?

Quality Equipment - Qualified Buyers - Exclusive To Industry Professionals

For Equipment Buyers

As the #1 Marketplace for Drilling & Oilfield Equipment, Buyers get more Equipment Choices, Buyers can communicate and negotiate directly with Equipment Sellers! We only accept Quality Equipment from Reputable Companies, so if you see it on, it's Good Equipment, fairly priced, that you won't find anywhere else at a lower price! Latest Equipment Arrivals

For Equipment Sellers

Petro Rigs has an Audience of Drilling Contractors and Oilfield Service Companies from around the World. Our unique approach has built an engaged and active audience of Industry Professionals comprised of: Company Owners, Company Executives, Purchasing Managers, Drilling Superintendents, and Key Decision Makers when it comes to buying equipment. We have Qualified Buyers Ready to Purchase! List Your Equipment

Exclusive Platform

Our Platform is Exclusive to Buyers & Sellers within our Industry. We are Committed to only offering Quality Equipment from Reputable Companies, we are Committed to delivering Qualified Buyers to Equipment Sellers! Our technology, incorporating A.I. learning and user-input, Ensures that you reach More buyers and Gain More Ensures you find the Quality Equipment you Want and Expect! Buyer/Seller Terms & Conditions

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More to Come

Petro Rigs, Inc. has been buying and selling Equipment for decades, it’s one of the cornerstones of our business. We also have experience in Joint Ventures, Manufacturer Expansion, and Mergers & Acquisitions. Our first priority with our new platform is to concentrate on our core business, Equipment Sales. However, we will be adding to our platform in the coming months to utilize all of our expertise in connecting Industry Professionals in a better way:
  • Projects: our platform will have a ‘Projects’ section dedicated on listing Joint Venture Opportunities and Mergers/Acquisitions Opportunities. Just as our platform  is Exclusive with Buying and Selling Equipment, so will our ‘Projects’ section, connecting suitable companies together in a way that simply has not existed.
  • International Expansion: our platform will have an ‘International Expansion’ section dedicated to Manufactures and Suppliers that are wanting to expand, gain more market share, and increase their sales. Keeping within our business model, this will also be Exclusive for Qualified Companies.
  • Careers: having one of the largest audiences of Drilling & Oilfield Professionals in the world, we receive Job Requests on a regular basis. Our ‘Jobs’ section will be connecting Employers to Job Seekers, and yet again, keeping to our business model of being an Exclusive platform for Industry Professionals.

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