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Frac Fuel Trailers

Frac Fuel Trailers

Custom Built Diesel Auto-Fuelers for your Frac Jobs!

It is Paramount, even Critical, that you Manage and Control the Amount of Fuel you need for Your Frac Jobs! Get the Latest in Technology for Automatic Fueling & Management. Complete Control over Fuel Delivery for Multiple Stage Frac Jobs! Best-in-class, Lowest Price, Fastest Delivery Times!

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Custom Manufactured Fuel-Delivery and Management Systems! Fully Self-Contained, Wireless Fuel Monitoring, Control Room with Touch Screen Monitoring Station with the Latest Software built specifically for Fuel Management! Delivering you full control over the amount of fuel you need, Where you need it, When you need it, all controlled by YOU!

High-Performance Fuel-Management System….Offering the Highest in Performance and Safety, Delivering you the Best Results and at the Absolute LOWEST COST!

Standard custom model is a 24 reel system that will fuel 24 frac pumps automatically with dye fuel. Standard models equipped with a 328 ft 3/4 in-fuel line on each reel, 1000 gallons clear fuel tank on each trailer. Optional 525 gallons DEF tanks available, can run Full-Auto in All Reels. Trailers can be heated for cold weather environment. Three points of control in the control room, either PLC screen on 40 inch monitor, from a tablet, smart phone, or from your desktop. The Full-camera system trailer can be monitored off-site as long as you have WiFi available. Full print-reports onsite for flow rates on each reel.

Customized for Your Applications:

  • Custom Built to Auto-fuel up to (36) Frac pump fuel tanks all at once!

  • You can Implement/Engage/Monitor via your Desktop, Tablet, and even your Smart Phone. The latest Software built specifically for Fuel Automation and Delivery!

  • Maximum Flow rates, fully self contained and fully automated

  • Climate Control Systems to meet your area of operations: HVAC and Fully Heated Trailers available

  • Custom Options Available: whether your need to run Dye Fuel, White Fuel, or DEF Fuel, we can customize to meet your needs

Ready to Learn More? Ready to Manage and Take Full Control of your Frac Jobs Fuel Demands?

Get Started Below…just tell us Your Application Requirements. Fully Customization Application Provider. Built in the U.S.A. by people that have the expertise and know-how to deliver Exactly what you Need!

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