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The owners and operators of Petro Rigs, Inc. have decades of oil and gas experience. From our modest beginnings with drilling and producing oil and natural gas wells, to buying and selling equipment on a global scale…we have the experience and first-hand knowledge of the petroleum industry and drilling operations.

Whether it's Savings you money on Quality Equipment, helping you Sell your Equipment, International Expansion, or Drilling Industry Services, we have the experience to help your company grow and prosper. Learn more about our products and services with the links below...

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"Whether you need a complete rig, a rig component, or are seeking to expand internationally, Petro Rigs is here to help!"


With Rig & Equipment sales around the World, and locations in the United States, Mexico, and Colombia....Petro Rigs is truly, an International Company. Please take a moment to view a brief introduction to Petro Rigs, and please share with your colleagues.

Introduction to Petro Rigs

Here's a little Introduction to Petro Rigs! Please view and share with your colleagues in the drilling business. www.petrorigs.com

Posted by Petro Rigs on Friday, March 3, 2017