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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions you might have about Buying equipment you see on

  • Why should I buy Equipment I found on

    We only offer Quality Equipment from Reputable Companies, Equipment Fairly Priced Directly from the Equipment Owner, No Markups in pricing whatsoever. You'll Deal Directly with the Equipment Owner! Any Sale would be between YOU and the Actual Equipment OWNER, No Third-Parties and NO BROKERS!

  • How do I Buy Equipment I seen on your site?

    Message us on the equipment listing you are interested in. At the bottom of each equipment listing you will see a 'Request More Details', simply enter you name, email, number, and any questions you have. We'll put you in direct contact with the equipment owner!

  • How do I buy Equipment if I can't come to see it due to Covid-19?

    Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and travel restrictions, we offer Virtual Site Inspections. Video site inspections of the equipment you are buying and even Live Video run-out on each component. You can buy equipment with 100% confidence knowing that what you buy is exactly what you see!

  • Do I really deal with the Equipment Owner?

    YES, Absolutely! If you are an actual buyer, in the industry and can verify that, you will deal with the Equipment Owner. Any Sale would be between your company and the equipment owner! All Pricing is Direct from the Equipment Owner, No markups in pricing whatsoever!

  • Do you offer any referral fee's on the equipment listings?

    YES! If you have an actual buyer that we are not dealing with, we are more than happy to offer you a referral fee for the introduction. It is best that you message or contact us first and we will send you complete details on our referral program!

  • I am interested in the equipment, but it's for my client, can I still get details on the equipment?

    We will be happy to share additional information to your client directly, otherwise, you can share the link to the equipment they are interested in and have them contact us! Or, You can send us your clients information and we will send them the details on the equipment and/or put them in direct contact with the equipment owner. Petro Rigs will NOT send further Equipment details to Non-Qualified Buyer Inquiries. If you are a Broker or Third-Party, we will request that you send us the Actual Buyer Details. No Third-Party or Broker Inquiries will be able to communicate with the Equipment Seller!

  • Why did you not reply to my message on the equipment listing?

    We only reply to actual buyers, we do not reply to employment requests, and we do not reply to Brokers that want to markup the equipment. Petro Rigs platform is 'Exclusive' for Buyers & Sellers that are actively engaged within our Industry, No Brokers, No Price Markups, and No Third Parties! Please feel free to contact us if we misunderstood your inquiry.

  • Can I copy Equipment Listing from your site and post on my site?

    NO! Absolutely not! We do not allow any company, individual, blogger, or entity to copy/paste ANY equipment or ANY information from our website. This is strictly prohibited and if we find any copying from our site, we will pursue those responsible with ALL legal recourse!

Have More Questions?

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