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How to List Your Equipment

If we don’t produce a Buyer, NO Results, NO Costs!

NO Upfront Costs!

How to List YOUR Equipment: We’ve made it easier than ever to list your equipment on our site. List your equipment from ANY device; Smartphone/Tablet, Laptop or Desktop! Just Follow the steps below, and within a few minutes your equipment will be Live on our site…You’ll start getting Pre-Qualified Buyers ready to BUY YOUR EQUIPMENT!
  1. Register First: Register on our Site, use your Google or Facebook Account to signup Instantly, or simply enter your name/number/email, and create a password.
  2. List Your Equipment: After you Register on our site, you’ll be automatically sent to our Online Equipment Submission Page, Start Listing your Equipment in 3-Easy-Steps, takes just a few minutes! Enter your equipment details; equipment description, year/make/model, your asking price, location, upload photos and even video!
  3. Equipment Approval: We’ll review your equipment listing to ensure it meets our standards, and if approved, we’ll send you an email notifying you your AD is up and running; this usually takes just minutes, but due to time differences around the world, it may take up to 24 hours.
Cost of Selling: There is absolutely ZERO Costs to you if we don’t produce a Buyer for your equipment, NO Results, NO Costs! Should any buyer we send you end up purchasing we ask for a flat rate commission on the final sale price.
  • Commission Fee: we charge a flat rate commission of 5% of the final sales price. Once you are paid, let us know the amount of the sale and we will send you an invoice for our commission. This is the LOWEST commission FEE in the Market!
Buyer Inquiries: You Only deal with Pre-Qualified Buyers, No Tire-Kicker, No Third-Parties, and No Brokers!
  • Our Smart Marketing generates a Lot of Attention with Numerous Buyer Inquiries from all around the World! As buyer inquiries come in for Your Equipment, we Pre-Screen them to ENSURE they are a viable company, in the industry, and capable of purchasing.
* All Equipment Listings are subject to Petro Rigs prior approval, sellers are subject to the following Terms and Conditions and our Commission Policy for Selling on our site: Terms and Conditions

Pre-Qualified Buyers!

Our Audience of Buyers

Buyers in over 90 countries, with transactions in North America, throughout Latin America, Europe, The Middle East, Asia, and Africa! We've built an engaged and active audience of Drilling and Oilfield Industry Professionals comprised of: Company Owners, Company Executives, Purchasing Managers, Drilling Superintendents, and Key Decision Makers when it comes to buying equipment. List your equipment NOW!

Targeted Marketing

Our platform cross-markets your equipment on our Social Pages and Opt-In Email Newsletter, giving you More Reach than you ever thought possible! Utilizing our Smart-Marketing℠ technology, your Equipment will be automatically placed on our Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube pages (Over 375,000 Drilling & Oilfield Professionals Follow Petro Rigs) List your equipment NOW!

An Exclusive Platform

Our platform is Exclusive to Drilling & Oilfield Industry Professionals. If your company offers Quality Equipment, our Platform will Connect YOU to Pre-Qualified Buyers! We Weed-out all the Bogus Buyer Inquiries, Tire-kickers and Brokers! We only send you Pre-Qualified Buyers that are fully vetted companies, in the Industry, interested in your equipment, and cable to Purchase YOUR Equipment! List your equipment NOW!

Need More Info or assistance selling?

We are Committed to helping you reach more buyers and sell more equipment. If you require more information, or have questions about listing your equipment, please let us know: Contact Us

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