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More Details For Equipment Sellers!

The platform is Exclusive to Drilling and Oilfield Industry Professionals. If your company offers Quality Equipment, Our platform will connect you to Qualified Buyers! A Better Way to Get Your Equipment Sold!

We have one of the Largest Audiences of Drilling & Oilfield Equipment Buyers in the World. Selling Equipment was never easier, bringing you a geo-targeted audience of Qualified Buyers.

Our Audience: Petro Rigs has an Audience of Drilling Contractors and Oilfield Service Companies from around the World. Our unique approach has built an engaged and active audience of Drilling and Oilfield Industry Professionals comprised of: Company Owners, Company Executives, Purchasing Managers, Drilling Superintendents, and Key Decision Makers when it comes to buying equipment. Get your Equipment in front of the right buyers, Drilling Contractors and Oilfield Service Companies from around the world that are looking for exactly what you have. Our Smart-Marketing generates interest from Real Buyers at the moment they are looking to buy the Equipment you have. We fully vet every inquiry to ensure you Only deal with Pre-Qualified Buyers!
Cost of Selling: No upfront costs! We will list your equipment on our website at your asking price, we will send you a link to approve the listing. After your approval, we will begin marketing your equipment utilizing Google Search and Social Media advertising. As buyer inquiries come in, we pre-screen them to ensure they are a viable company, in the industry, and capable of purchasing. After that, we will send you pre-qualified buyers to communicate with. You deal directly with the pre-qualified buyers, any sale would be between your company and the buyer. Should any buyer we send you end up purchasing, we ask for a flat rate commission of 3% of the final sales price. Once you are paid, let us know the amount of the sale and we will send you an invoice for our 3%.
Cross-Marketing: Our platform cross-markets your equipment on our Social Pages, giving you More Reach than you thought possible. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. We have an active and engaged audience of Industry Related Followers, reaching over 100,000 people every single day….That’s over 3,000.000 a Month!

We receive requests for Equipment from Buyers on a regular basis.

Most Frequent Requests for Rigs and Equipment:

  • Drilling Rigs: 500hp to 4000hp Rigs, Land Rigs, Offshore Rigs, Mobile Rigs, Fast Moving Rigs, Walking Rigs
  • Service Rigs: Workover Rigs, Pulling Units, Coil Tubing
  • Major Components: BOP’s, Triplex Mud Pumps, Rotary Tables, CAT engines, Gen Sets, Top Drives
  • Traveling/Handling Equipment: Blocks/Hocks, Combos, Swivels, Kellys, Power Slips, Power Tongs
  • Ancillary Equipment: Drill Pipe, Moving Equipment (Cranes, Trucks, Trailers), Frac Tanks
Get Your Equipment Listed Now: Simply use the form below to send us your equipment! We’ll have YOUR Equipment up and listed in no time at all, delivering you the Buyers you’ve been looking for!

See our Terms and Conditions for Selling on our site: Terms and Conditions

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Need More Info or assistance selling?

We are Committed to helping you reach more buyers and sell more equipment. If you require more information, or have questions about listing your equipment, please let us know. Feel free to call us, or message us: You can find all of our contact details at Contact Us

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