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  • JDR Thermoplastic Umbilical
  • JDR Thermoplastic Umbilical
  • JDR Thermoplastic Umbilical

Equipment Summary

Price : $1,435,000.00
Type : Equipment For Sale
Date : August 7, 2023
Make : JDR Umbilical
Model : Thermoplastic
Year : Feb 2021
Condition : Un-Used Surplus
Warranty : No
Location : Indonesia


🤑PRICE DROP🤑Un-Used Surplus New JDR Electro/Hydraulic 9.2km Thermoplastic Umbilical – 8 x hose and 2 x 6mm2 LV, Umbilical Termination Assemblies (UTA). 300t capacity reel included in package. ‘Reel Dimensions’ 300 metric ton capacity. This unit is NOW priced at $1.3 million usd.

Design Depth: 200m
Length: 9166m
Design Temperature: -5degC to +40degC
Diameter: 127mm (±2.5mm)
Umbilical Weight: 256,400 kg
Umbilical Hardware: 4,480 kg
Reel (Inc. Partition & Cradle): 39,440 kg
Skid (Approx.) Beam & Ramp: 1,330 kg
Reel Dimensions (LxWxH) (9820mmx6030mmx9755mm) Length: 11280mm with the UTA protruding
Design Life: 30years
Functional Lines: 2 off 1/2” 345 Bar Thermoplastic Hose, 2 off 3/8” 690 Bar Thermoplastic Hose, 3 off 3/4” 517 Bar Thermoplastic Hose, 1 off 1/2” 517 Bar Thermoplastic Hose, 2 off 4 x 6mm^2, 0.6/1.0 (1.2) kV twisted quad cable
Filler Elements: Polypropylene Rope Fillers
Armour Bedding Material: High Density Polyethylene
Strength Member Material: 2 Layers of contra helically applied GSW
Outer Serving Material: High Density Polyethylene

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