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Equipment Auctions

Live Equipment Auctions

Reserve and Absolute Auctions! Real-World Equipment Appraisals, helping you sell your equipment at the absolute best possible prices!

Auctions that Produce Results

We Know Equipment, and We can help you get the MOST Value Possible in the Real-World. If you have quality equipment that shouldn’t be in auction, we’ll tell you and help you sell it through our marketplace. Our Team can Evaluate your Equipment and tell you which channel to use to help you Get Your Equipment SOLD! Auctions are another channel within our platform to help you realize the highest possible value and to get it sold quickly. No matter what your equipment is worth, our Goal is to help you sell it and get you the MOST value possible, connecting you to the Largest Audience of Buyers in the World!
Equipment Appraisals: Our Team of Oil and Gas Equipment Professionals will do onsite equipment inspections of your equipment giving you a Certified Appraisal Value so you’ll know what it’s worth. Use the Form below to get a FREE initial equipment evaluation!
Reserve Auctions: You set the price on the ‘least’ amount you are willing to sell you equipment at. Auctions run for 3 weeks, allowing you access to actual bids so you can adjust your Reserve or continue until it sells.
Absolute Auctions: All of our Auctions our highly marketed and advertised, But Absolute Auctions run for just One Day, so we Enhance our Marketing to drive Maximum Buyer Impact. We market your equipment to our Global Audience of Pre-Qualified Buyers, your equipment will be sold at the highest bid received.
If you have equipment that isn’t worth much, we’ll tell you that too, and help you with some scraping options to help you get the highest possible price in the market. No other Auction Outlet will tell you that, but we will, we are honest in our appraisals and we’ll tell you Exactly what your equipment is worth and give you options on how to sell it!

Digital Equipment Evaluation Form
We need to know some general information on your company and the equipment you are wanting to get an evaluation on. Please use this form to provide as much details as possible on your equipment, along with some quality photos and current inventory.
Please enter your company address
Please enter your complete phone number including country code and area code. This should be your sales department, or person you wish to handle 'Buyer Inquiries' for your equipment!
If you don't see your type of equipment above, please select 'other' and tell us what you have in the description below
Please give a detailed description of your equipment, current condition, and location
Please enter your asking price for your Equipment (USD only). We'll evaluate your equipment and let you know if your pricing is within the current market value.

Upload Photos and Inventory/specs of your Equipment

Photos should be jpg, png, or jpeg files with a max file size of 1MB. Inventory/Spec sheets should be word, excel, or pdf
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Should be microsoft word, excel, or pdf format, max file size 2mb
If you have any trouble uploading your files, don't worry, you can email those to us separately!
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