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Post an Ad on Petro Rigs and Reach More Buyers. We only represent quality equipment from reputable companies, ensuring that our buyers have a place to rely on for finding the right equipment, at a fair price, from someone they trust. Get Started Now, let our Performance Based Marketing help you Sell Your Equipment, No Results, No Cost to You!


Get your Drilling Rigs and Equipment in front of the right buyers, Drilling Contractors and Oilfield Service Companies from around the world that are looking for exactly what you have. If you have Rigs & Equipment you need to sell, Post it on Petro Rigs and you’ll start receiving Buyer Requests!

petrorigs-icon-57x57 (Custom).pngOur Audience: Petro Rigs has an Audience of Drilling Contractors and Oilfield Service Companies from around the World. Our unique approach has built an engaged and active audience of Drilling and Oilfield Industry Professionals comprised of: Drilling and Oilfield Company Owners, Company Executives, Purchasing Managers, Drilling Superintendents, and Key Decision Makers when it comes to buying equipment.

petrorigs-icon-57x57 (Custom).pngOur Marketing: We have developed a Geo Targeting Multi-Channel Marketing approach to reach Drilling Contractors and Oilfield Service Companies from around the World that are actively looking to buy equipment. Our marketing singles out Companies, and Drilling Industry Professionals, that are searching for, and have expressed interest in buying drilling equipment and oilfield equipment! Petro Rigs markets our website, and individual products, through Search Advertising, Opt-in Email Marketing, Industry Trade Shows, Mobile Apps, and through Social Media (Over 169,000+ Followers on social media). Our marketing reaches buyers at the precise moment they are looking to buy, we call it, Smart Marketing!

petrorigs-icon-57x57 (Custom).pngYour Equipment: All Equipment Ads must be approved before going live on our site, usually less than 24 hours. The Equipment we consider should either be new, surplus new, refurbished, or good solid low hour used. Outdated and wore out equipment is not something we will consider. Our audience expects quality equipment from reputable companies, at a fair price, and that’s all we offer. Should your Company and Equipment meet those standards, we would like to hear from you. Just click on ‘Post an Ad’, enter your equipment details you need sold, include several recent photos, brief description, location, asking price, and who the primary contact for sales should be. It’s Simple, Fast, and Fun, bottom line, once Live on our Site, you’ll start getting Buyer Requests!

petrorigs-icon-57x57 (Custom).pngYour Equipment with us: Your Equipment WILL be SEEN. Millions of visitors and the largest Equipment Company on Social Media. You can have us Sell It for you, or Sell Yourself. Once your Equipment is on our site you start getting exposure and Buyers Contacting You. If you have Petro Rigs Sell It, we start our Smart-Marketing to generate the most interest from real buyers at the moment they are looking to buy. As we receive Requests for Quotes, our professional staff can screen out all the brokers, employment seekers, tire-kickers, and only send you Pre-Qualified Buyer Requests. These potential buyers are pre-qualified as to financial capability to purchase, verified company operations, and time-frame of their intended purchase. Receive as many Request for Quotes you need in order to complete the sale! See What does it Cost below for complete details.

petrorigs-icon-57x57 (Custom).pngA Track Record of Buyers: Petro Rigs has sells in North America, throughout Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. We can give you the Global Reach you need in order to sell your equipment. If you have quality equipment for sale, let us go to work to help you reach more buyers, gain more sales, and increase your international presence.

petrorigs-icon-57x57 (Custom).pngNo Results, No Cost: Petro Rigs will list approved Equipment at No Cost. We are confident in our Marketing and have two plans in place that are Performance-Based, No upfront ad fees, no listing fees to get started. Petro rigs offers a Results-Driven Marketing Strategy to Sell your Equipment, No Results, No Cost!

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