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[price_classic_short_base header_style=”classic” section_description=”Reach More Buyers! Run a Single Equipment Ad, 5 Equipment Ads, or up to 20 Ads. Price per Ad is greatly reduced with Gold and Platinum offering Featured Ads included in the package. Petro Rigs has an Audience of Drilling Contractors and Oilfield Service Companies from around the World. Our Geo Targeting Multi-Channel Marketing approach reaches Buyers from around the World that are actively looking to buy equipment. Get Started Now, Get your Equipment Listed and Get It Sold!” p_cols=”4″ woo_products=”%5B%7B%22product%22%3A%22753%22%7D%2C%7B%22product%22%3A%22749%22%7D%2C%7B%22product%22%3A%221085%22%7D%5D” max_limit=”6″ section_title=”Choose the best {color}Subscription{/color} for you”]

Place a Single Equipment Ad for $29 running for 30 days. Choose the Gold or Platinum package for 5 to 20 Equipment Ads, with Featured Ads included. Platinum is our money-saver, reducing your cost to less than $10 per Ad and Featured 15 of those!

Hey! Want Petro Rigs to Sell your Equipment for you? No Ad cost, no Results, No Cost!

Let Petro Rigs Sell Your Equipment

WE SELL IT: Your Equipment is placed on our site by category for FREE. Petro Rigs will actively market and attempt to sell your equipment, a
commission fee is only payable if we sell your equipment, no results, no cost.

Below is the commission percentage based on the final selling price.
• 10% on Equipment Sales $1 to $99,999.00
• 7% on Equipment Sales $100,000.00 to $499,999.00
• 5% on Equipment Sales of $500,000.00 to $749,999.00
• 2% on Equipment Sales of $750,000.00 and up