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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Posting your Equipment for Sale or Responding to Equipment Ads/Listings and/or Advertisements on this website are subject to the following terms and conditions! * is an online marketing company, services are being marketed for 3rd party companies or individuals. is not endorsing or involved in any 3rd party companies that we provide marketing services for.


PROOF OF OWNERSHIP: You represent that you own said equipment and/or have exclusive rights to sell that equipment, if you have exclusive rights to sell/offer said equipment, that proof of such must be submitted to in advance, No third party representations will be authorized.
ENCUMBRANCES: You further represent that any Equipment you are listing is free of any liens, encumbrances, taxes, or otherwise, that the information you provided will not mislead any prospective buyer, and that you have fully disclosed all pertinent information relative to any prospective buyer to make an informed decision.
PRICING: Seller agrees to notify of their price on any equipment they list on our platform. Seller further agrees to not markup pricing and that the price they are asking is their best offer to any qualified buyer. Seller must notify of any price changes.
EQUIPMENT CONDITION: You further represent all equipment as either New, Surplus New, Refurbished, or in Used Good Condition, and that you fully understand that may remove any equipment that does not meet these qualifications, and that you also understand it will be at sole discretion. has the right to disapprove any equipment AD on our website for any reason.
AD PHOTOS/VIDEOS: Seller is giving permission for to use any information that Seller has provided for marketing purposes. Marketing may include using photos and videos for marketing other services.
AD STATUS: Should a Sellers AD have been sold, either through or on Sellers own behalf, will mark that AD as SOLD, but any AD links will remain active. If Seller is taking their equipment off the market or wanting it removed from, will mark that AD as EXPIRED, but any AD links will remain active. will mark Sellers equipment AD as SOLD or EXPIRED, but any links associated with that AD will remain active allowing to receive buyer inquiries for similar equipment.
BUYER INQUIRIES: As buyer inquiries come in, we will pre-screen them and quote them the pricing Seller provided. Any additional information requested from those buyers will be requested from the Seller.
  • AD Removal: Should Seller fail to respond to Buyer Inquiries in a timely manner, or if Seller fails to copy on any emails to any Buyer, will remove Sellers AD and any other AD’s Seller has posted on our website. If Seller fails to respond to request for additional information in a timely manner, any AD’s Seller has listed will be subject for removal.
MARKETING FEE’S: by listing your equipment on our website, you are agreeing to our Commission Policy and understand that should in fact deliver a buyer for your equipment and they end up purchasing, that you will be bound to pay a commission on the final sales price of your equipment:
  • Commission Fee: charges a Commission fee calculated on the Final sales price, excluding shipping/trucking, and excluding sales tax/s. Commission fee is based on the final sales price on the equipment purchased. Please contact us for our commission fee. It is the Sellers responsibility to notify of any sales made on any AD’s Seller has listed on our website.
  • Buyer Definition: A Buyer shall be defined as ANY Company, Person, Entity or Individual that has introduced to you through our website, email, text message or messaging service, or through social media. A commission Fee will be owed to on ANY Buyer we introduce you to, should a sale be made, whether or not if you may have had prior sales with that Buyer; the ONLY exception to this would be Seller providing evidence that the Buyer has contacted them PRIOR to responding to your AD on our site, and that Seller and the Buyer were already in the process of negotiations or in process of a sales transaction on that equipment AD
  • Terms and Conditions and Commission Policy Acceptance: When a Seller submits their equipment and Seller selects the acceptance checkbox, by selecting that checkbox Seller is Agreeing to our Terms and Conditions and Commission Policy.
    • Should Seller choose to have list their equipment for them, Seller will receive an AD Review email along with our Terms and Conditions and Commission Policy by electronic correspondence; when Seller replies to this email, Seller will be bound by terms and conditions and commission policy along with those found on this page. Should Seller NOT reply to this email, Sellers equipment will be removed from our website.
  • Commission Payment: Commission payment will be due and payable to upon your receipt of funds for any equipment that has facilitated/introduced the sale on. All Sales Pricing, Payments, and Commission fees will be in United States Dollars. Commission fee shall be payable to via wire transfer to our bank account (full banking information will be provided to you via invoice).
Featured Listings will be subject to Approval and at the sole discretion of Our commitment is to help every Seller Get their Equipment Sold!



PRE-QUALIFICATIONS: By responding to any Equipment AD/Listing, or Advertisement on our website, you represent that you are in fact a ‘buyer’, a company, or individual with the financial means to purchase, and/or a company actively engaged in the drilling or petroleum industry. We may require for you to provide your complete company information;  Company name, address, areas of operations, and if necessary, we may also request your company financials. We Do Not send equipment details to Non-Qualified Companies! If your company is a known entity, i.e. Exxon, Halliburton, we may not need to request additional information. If your company is John Doe, Inc. with zero web presence or searchable data, we will ask for full disclosure about your company, where you operate and your financial capabilities.
  • Brokers/Third Parties: If you are representing a third-party buyer, you agree to fully disclose that information in your inquiry to any Equipment Ad/listing, and/or advertisement on our site.
  • Non Discloser: If you are a Broker or Third Party, You agree NOT to disclose any information relative to the Equipment Ads/listings, and/or advertisements on our site to anyone else without express prior written permission from Any such permissions will be reviewed and allowed or denied at the sole discretion of
COPYRIGHT: Copying or Pasting any information on our website is Strictly Prohibited, you agree that by using our website that you are NOT allowed to copy or paste any information from our website and that you WILL NOT publish any Equipment AD’s/Listings on another website or send via email or post on any social media platforms without our Express Written Permission!
  • WEBSITE LINK SHARING: Sharing AD’s or pages directly from our website using the share features to social media or email is acceptable, so long as no information has been altered or modified in anyway and that any links from our website are complete and intact in there original content. By Sharing ANY information from our website, users further agree to NOT add any outside links or information that promotes any other websites or entities other than the original content and links of
TRANSACTIONS/PURCHASING: Sales Transactions to purchase Equipment found on this website would be by and between the Buyer and the Equipment Owner (Seller).
  • BUYER/SELLER DIRECT TRANSACTIONS: is NOT involved in any Direct Sales Tractions between the Equipment Seller and Buyer and is NOT liable for any issues that may arise. recommends that the Buyer coordinate a site inspection with the Seller on any Equipment prior to purchase.
    • It is up to the Buyer to do their own due diligence prior to purchasing any equipment. Although allows Sellers to list and market equipment on our Platform, we can in NO WAY warranty any transactions by and between the Seller and Buyer. recommends and suggests that any Buyer perform due diligence prior to sending any funds for the purchase of any equipment found on our website. Do NOT send any funds prior to fully vetting the Buyer.
EQUIPMENT CONDITION: Equipment on this website has a condition of equipment stated directly from the equipment owner. Language as to equipment specifications can vary by country, is not liable for any statements as to condition of equipment, it is the Buyers responsibility to inspect the equipment prior to purchase. Any transactions for purchase of equipment may have different language as to condition in an invoice or purchase sales agreement that differs from the AD on this website.
  • AS-IS, WHERE-IS: all equipment offered is being offered on an As-Is Where-Is basis, no warranties expressed or implied.
PRICING: Pricing on equipment listed on our platform has been provided from the Seller. Pricing does not include any shipping or applicable taxes. Equipment Sellers have the right to change their pricing depending on market conditions. When connects the Buyer and Seller, pricing given will be directly from the Seller.
PRIOR SALE: Equipment AD’s on this website are subject to prior sale without notice. will NOT send further Equipment details to Non-Qualified Buyer Inquiries. If you are a Broker or Third-Party, we will request that you send us the Actual Buyer Details. No Third-Party or Broker Inquiries will be able to communicate with the Equipment Seller!

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