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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Posting your Equipment for Sale on our site or Responding to Equipment Ads/Listings or Advertisements is subject to the following terms and conditions!

For Sellers: by posting your Equipment for Sale on our site, you represent that you own such equipment and/or have exclusive rights to sell that equipment, if you have exclusive rights to sell/offer said equipment, that proof of such must  be submitted to Petro Rigs in advance, No third party representations will be authorized. You further express that any Equipment you are listing is free of any liens, encumbrances, taxes, or otherwise, that might mislead any prospective buyer, and you further agree that you have fully disclosed all pertinent information relative to any prospective buyer to make an informed decision. You further represent that by posting any Equipment Ads on that you will not offer said Equipment anywhere else at a lower price point, that said Equipment you listed is your ‘best offer’ anywhere available, that although you may accept offers through a submission on our site,  you have not offered such Equipment anywhere else at a lower price point. You further represent all equipment as either New, Surplus New, Refurbished, or in Used Good Condition, and that you understand that Petro Rigs may remove any equipment that does not meet these qualifications, and you understand it will be at Petro Rigs full discretion.

If you choose a Subscription Plan to List your Equipment, this equipment MUST include your asking price. Subscription Plans are PER piece of equipment, multiple equipment items cannot be placed in a single ad. ‘Price on Request’ and/or ‘Accepting Offers’ is only available by choosing ‘Let Petro Sell It’.

If you have chosen ‘Let Petro Sell it’ when listing your equipment, you are agreeing to our commission policy and understand that should Petro Rigs, Inc. in fact sell your equipment, that you will be bound to the following commission rate on the final sales price of your equipment:

  • 3% on Equipment Sales

Commission payment will be due and payable to Petro Rigs, Inc. upon your receipt of funds for any equipment that Petro Rigs, Inc. has facilitated the sale on. All Sales Pricing, Payments, and Commission fees will be in United States Dollars. Commission fee shall be payable to Petro Rigs, Inc. via wire transfer to Petro Rigs, Inc. bank account (full banking information will provided via invoice to you).

Refund Policy for New Customers (subscription plans only): if you are a new customer with and your Equipment Ad/s do not produce any results during the entire duration of you Listing (no messages, no emails, no calls), we will refund your full listing fee. This does not apply to ‘Bump Your Ad’ add-on’s. Refund will be refunded within 30 days from the expiration of your Equipment Ad/s and through the payment method submitted. This Refund Policy is only applicable to Subscription Plans.

For Buyers: by responding to any Equipment Ad/Listing, or Advertisement our site, you represent that you are in fact a ‘buyer’, a company or individual with the financial means to purchase. If you are representing a third party buyer, you agree to fully disclose that information in your inquiry to any Equipment Ad/listing, and/or advertisement on our site. You further agree to not disclose any information relative to the Equipment Ads/listings, and/or advertisements on our site to anyone else without express written permission from and/or Petro Rigs, Inc. Any such permissions will be reviewed and allowed or denied at the sole discretion of and/or Petro Rigs, Inc.

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