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Petro Rigs Marketing Services

We have one of the Largest and Most actively engaged Audiences of Drilling & Oilfield Industry Professionals in the World!

Are You Ready for More Customers?

Professional Facebook Marketing

Your Customers are on Facebook, and if you're not, you are missing out on Sales! Our Social Media Team can Build your company a Professional Facebook Page and Market your Products/Services on our Facebook Page.

Petro Rigs Page

Your Products/Service posted on our Page! We create Unique posts about your company products/services on our Facebook Page (over 230,000 Followers of Drilling & Oilfield Pro's). All Traffic gets driven back to YOUR Facebook Page and to YOUR Website! You'll Reach Key Decision Makers, Company Owners, Purchasing Managers, Drilling Superintendents, and Qualified Buyers!

Reach our Target Audience

We Reach thousands of Buyers a day on our Facebook Page, people in the Industry, Drilling & Oilfield Pro's! Posts about your company products/services on our Page are Targeted to Reach the Buyers you Need! Track how many people you are reaching on each post, see the interaction from each post (Likes, Comments, Shares, Messages, Clicks to your website).

Need a Facebook Page?

Not happy with the one you have? Let our Social Media Team Build a Professional Facebook Page for your Company. We can help your Company become a Prominent Presence on Facebook. Our Team is highly skilled with all the back-end features of Facebook, we can even manage your page for you, all you have to do is take care of the additional Sales from it!

Sponsored Ad on

Get a Sponsored Ad prominently displayed on our homepage and in highly visible areas throughout our site, driving more traffic and more sales to your company. In addition to our website, your Products or Services will be Cross-Marketed within our Opt-in Email Newsletter and on our Social Feeds comprised of over 245,000 Drilling & Oilfield Industry Professionals. Our professional marketing team will build you a custom Sponsored Ad for your review, after you proof the Ad, it goes live on our site and other media platforms, bringing you Immediate Results.

Did you Know that Petro Rigs Reaches over 5,000,000 people a Month?! Take advantage of our Targeted Marketing and our Exclusive Audience of Drilling & Oilfield Professionals...Reach Buyers at the very Moment they are Looking for Your Products and Services!

Use the form below to submit your company details, we'll start sending you Customers that have been looking for you!

More Details on Advertising is an Online Marketplace to Buy & Sell Drilling and Oilfield Equipment. Our Platform is Exclusive to Drilling and Oilfield Industry Professionals! Our Advertising is Ideally suited for Shipping/Logistics, Finance/Factoring Companies, Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Distributors that want to reach our audience of Drilling and Oilfield Professionals. We see from 8000 to 10,000 visitors a day on our website, and reach Far more on our Social pages. We have over 245,000 Drilling Industry Pro’s that follow us on Social Media, reaching 3-5 million people a month. We always offer Upfront and Straightforward Pricing on our Advertising Services, please see our Ad Costs Below!
“Advertising is totally unnecessary. Unless you HOPE to make MONEY.”  Jef I. Richards
Petro Rigs Sells a lot of Equipment around the World! We Reach Buyers that are Looking for YOU! We understand that spending money on Advertising can be frustrating, that’s why we want to Help Your Company get the Most out of your advertising budget, reaching qualified buyers and customers that are actually looking for your products/services. If your Company wants to Reach Customers when they Need YOUR Products/Services, you need to be with, our Audience of Drilling and Oilfield Professionals Are actual buyers of YOUR products and services!
Facebook Sponsored Posts: we create unique posts about your products or services with links in each post to your Facebook page and to your website. Each post is unique with either photos or video about your products or services, each post will have a link to your website relative to that post, and we TAG your company Facebook page as a Sponsor. Each Sponsored post we create for you will show up on your Facebook page as well. This can do several things for your company; it not only drives traffic back to your site encouraging potential customers to call or contact you, it also drives traffic to your own Facebook page helping you increase your own followers! Everything is fully track-able; how many people you are reaching on each post, interaction from each post (Likes, Comments, Shares, Messages, Clicks to your website). We offer a minimum of 10 posts per month and a maximum of 30 posts/month. We can ‘boost’ these posts for an additional cost!
  • 10 posts per month: $150
  • 20 posts per month: $300
  • 30 posts per month: $450
  • *option, we can ‘Boost’ your posts (additional fee’s apply)
Facebook Design/Page Management: Not happy with your current Facebook page? Don’t have a Facebook page?? We can Help, let our professional Social Media Team build you one, or redesign the one you have! Our Team is highly skilled in designing and building Facebook Professional Pages. We know the inter-workings and back-end features that will make your Page a Prominent Presence on Facebook, getting the results you want, More Customer Calling and Emailing you about your products and services. We can even manage your page with daily or semi-weekly posts and help you build your own audience of Followers, manage and create Facebook Ads and more.
  • Existing Pages: Free Evaluation! Let our Team evaluate your existing page, No Cost, you’ll get a complete recommendation on whether your page needs to be re-designed or not
  • Re-Design Service: $400-$800, depending on what your page needs, contact us below and we’ll send you a quote
  • Design/Build Services: $800 per page, this is our flat rate fee to build your company a Facebook Page
  • Page Management: flat rate monthly fee that varies on the amount of work you want, i.e. number of posts, ad creation/budget, reporting, stats, etc….contact us below if you want us to manage your page, we’ll work with you to come up with a plan that best fits your goals!
Sponsored Ad on our website: we create a Banner Ad on our homepage and prominent areas of our site, highlighting your products or services. We see from 8000 to 10,000 visitors a day on our site from buyers around the globe. When they click on your Ad, it goes to a landing page highlighting all the features and benefits of doing business with your company, including a form for interested buyers to contact you directly!
  • One Month: $500
  • Two Months: $1000
  • Three Months: $1350 (10% discount)
Package Price Plan: by choosing both our Facebook Sponsored Posts and a Sponsored Ad on our website, Get a 10% discount!
Get Started! Let us know how we can help you grow your business. We would like to learn more about what areas of your company you need the most growth for, and from there, we can propose a specific plan that meets your goals! Please use the form below and send us your company information, tell us how you want to grow your business, and any other relative information we need to know. Let us Help You Reach More Customers!

"Yes, I'm Ready for More Customers!"
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