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Whether you need to sell a single piece of Equipment, a yard full of Equipment, or an Entire Company… is committed to helping you Reach More Buyers and Make More Sales!

Choose Petro Rigs & Get it SOLD!

Upload your equipment photos and inventory, we’ll have it listed for you in no-time at all! Flat Rate of 3% commission on Equipment Sold! If we don’t Sell Your Equipment, No Results, No Cost to You! Nobody will work harder to Market and Sell Your Equipment, NOBODY! Send us what you Need to Sell, Let us Go To Work on Selling Your Equipment!

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More Details On Selling Your Equipment

Let Petro Sell It

Post your Equipment on our site by category for FREE. You will be assigned a ‘Dedicated Account Sales Agent’, Your Sales Agent may request additional details on your equipment to further enhance your listing, Your Sales Agent will handle all Buyer Inquires on your equipment, they will be responsible for communicating with you on site inspections, follow-up sales questions, all the way down to the final transaction. Petro Rigs will actively market and attempt to sell your equipment, a commission fee is only payable if we sell your equipment, no results, no cost. Below is the Flat Rate commission percentage based on the final selling price:

  • 3% on Equipment Sales


Petro Rigs only represents quality equipment, all equipment is subject to approval. All pricing above in USD

*By listing your Equipment on, you agree that your asking price is not being offered anywhere else at a lower price point. Petro Rigs reserves the right to delete your Equipment Ad if your equipment is found at a lower price anywhere else. See all Terms and Conditions


Subscription Plans

All subscription plans run your Equipment Ads for 30, 60, or 90 days depending on the plan you choose, renewal options are available in your dashboard. All Subscription Plans are per piece of Equipment you are placing an Ad on, i.e. Silver is only for one (1) piece of equipment, Gold, is for up to five (5) individual pieces of equipment, and Platinum is for up to thirty (30) individual pieces of equipment. Multiple pieces of equipment cannot be placed on a single ad. All Subscription Plan Ad/s Must include an Asking Price, ‘Price on Request’, and ‘Accepting Offers’ is only available by choosing ‘Let Petro Sell it’, option below. Featured Equipment options and Bump your Ad options are also available in the dashboard or upon checkout. You will be notified by email when your Ads are close to expiring. The more Equipment you run an Ad on, the more savings to you. New Customers: ZERO RISK, No Results-No Cost! See our FAQs for our Money-Back Guarantee!

  • Silver: Try us out, just one piece of equipment, see the results! The monthly Silver subscription allows you to post a single Equipment Ad that runs for 30 days!
  • Gold: the Gold subscription allows you to post up to 5 Equipment Ads, these run for 60 Days!
  • Platinum: this is your money saver option, and Our most Popular Plan! The Platinum subscription allows you to list up to 30 Equipment Ads and they run for 90 days! What? Yep, that’s less than $5/month per piece of equipment/month, Nobody will help you Reach More Qualified Buyers for that, NOBODY!


Additional Ad Options (Enhance your Listing)

  • Feature Your Ad/s:  you can choose to Feature your equipment on our site for an additional $20/ad. Your Equipment Ad is placed prominently at the top of our homepage giving you more exposure to Buyers as well being displayed in highly visible locations throughout our site. We also Cross-post your Equipment through our Social Feeds reaching our Followers of over 230,000 Drilling & Oilfield Professionals. Featured Ad/s allow you an additional 10 photos of your Equipment per ad. To Feature an Ad, just check the box that says ‘Feature this Ad’ upon submitting your Equipment Ad. Featured Ads Sell Faster!
  • Bump Your Ad/s: put your Equipment Ad into Hyper-Drive. Petro Rigs Marketing Professionals will develop individual Advertising Campaigns for dedicated Search and Social Media. Your Equipment Ad/s will run through Google Search and Facebook Social feeds for 7 days (as well as their advertising partner sites and networks). We build individual marketing campaigns for each Equipment Ad that drives more traffic to your specific Ad link/s on our site. We offer this exclusive service for $30/Ad, 100% of this cost goes into Marketing Your Equipment, Petro Rigs receives Zero profit margin on this option. Bump Your Ad’ is unique with, You will be Amazed at the Results…More Reach, More Buyers, More Sales!

Digital Equipment Evaluation Form
We need to know some general information on your company and the equipment you are wanting to get an evaluation on. Please use this form to provide as much details as possible on your equipment, along with some quality photos and current inventory.
Please enter your company address
Please enter your complete phone number including country code and area code. This should be your sales department, or person you wish to handle 'Buyer Inquiries' for your equipment!
If you don't see your type of equipment above, please select 'other' and tell us what you have in the description below
Please give a detailed description of your equipment, current condition, and location
Please enter your asking price for your Equipment (USD only). We'll evaluate your equipment and let you know if your pricing is within the current market value.

Upload Photos and Inventory/specs of your Equipment

Photos should be jpg, png, or jpeg files with a max file size of 1MB. Inventory/Spec sheets should be word, excel, or pdf
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
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Should be microsoft word, excel, or pdf format, max file size 2mb
If you have any trouble uploading your files, don't worry, you can email those to us separately!

Have Questions about Selling with Us?

If you need more details or clarification on our Packages & Pricing, or how to Sell your Equipment on our site, we’d love to hear from you, please feel free to Contact Us!

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